Years in Images

Once upon a time, we owned five mostly wooded acres in Ethel, Louisiana. My dad was still alive then and I’ll never forget the way he laughed when I told him we had moved to Green Acres. “Goodbye, city life!” I’d never lived in the country before, never planted a vegetable garden, never had laying hens, never been so happy… but we didn’t like the heat (we both grew up in the North East, and I for one missed the snow and the cold) so although our old place in Lousiana is now a part of my soul, I’m still very glad circumstances transplanted us to our two magical acres in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

Ethel, Louisiana

In my imagination lifetimes are
bottled as distilled emotions
labeled with conversations
stored in cool universes
corked with tombstones
dusty with ashes
timelessly savored… Drinking Sunlight After Hurricane Gustav

Shades of "True Blood" but much more beautiful

A Bloody Beautiful Sunset

Southern Comfort


Paris, Virginia
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