Home Grown Grill

My husband, Stinger, and I collaborated on our grill–he asked me to describe my dream grill, and then he built it. When we inspire and support each other, dreams do come true. In this spirit, work and fun are synonymous, and the more you learn, the sharper and more efficient the tools of your thoughts and emotions become in support of your heart’s desire. When you create something from scratch (or have the priviledge of observing the work in detail from beginning to end) it deepens your appreciation for the creative process inherent to life itself. Grill Specs

We recycle junk mail and miscellaneous paper by wadding it up and inserting it in the fireplace section of the grill. The fire then heats the charcoal above, and the coals are just right in 15-20 minutes. A removable stainless steel tray makes dumping the ashes easy, and the burned out charcoal is also easily disposed of by way of a removable mesh screen. A quick rub with a stainless steel sponge, and the grill is ready to use again.



Once upon a time, when we lived in Louisiana, Stinger built us a pool that looked like a pond. Yes, he designed it and did everything himself (I helped when I could!) except dig the hole. I shot the documentary of the long, hot, often grueling work (thank God for Ibuprofen!) that took several weeks. The film is divided into three parts.